Grocery Store Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in creating a perfect shopping environment in Grocery Stores. Colorful and bright presentation is important, especially when displaying items that appeal directly to the senses. Special areas like deli, meat, seafood, bakery, cheese, beverage and floral departments give merchants the opportunity to showcase goods that become impulse purchases. We have a long history in grocery store lighting. We are a trusted supplier for many small and big grocery stores and chains in Finland.

Retail Lighting

Accent lighting for retail stores can help highlight certain parts of the store or provide a specific mood to the space. With accent retail lighting you may lead the way of the customer through your store. By highlighting certain products with spotlights you can be sure that they will be noticed. LED lights in particular make excellent accent lighting fixtures with their longevity and color options. Our products offer consistent, high-quality LED lighting that will increase the visual appeal of your displays while saving in energy costs. We are happy to create a successful LED retail lighting for you.

General Lighting

Our products are perfect for general lighting in public areas, halls and aisles. With high quality lighting you will get a nice, balanced and stylish atmosphere to the area. Our  LED products are a perfect choice for high technology and long lasting lighting. There is a large variety of light fixtures for you to choose to get the perfect lighting for any kind of space. We will be happy to assist and help you with the light planning and choosing the right lighting fixture.

Showroom Lighting

Lighting is very important when you display your products in showrooms and demonstration areas. Your customers want to see the products from close and in right color. The customers should be inspired of your space and products. With our LED lights you can have both an accent lighting to the products in display and a specific mood into the space. Our lighting fixtures where used in creating a showroom for Dekosol Oy in Helsinki.

Window Display Lighting

Stop and notice – is the main point in window displays. In retail stores, window displays are often the first areas to make a good impression to a customer. The best way to draw attention is to have well lighted display. Window display is one of the most powerful weapons for your store to stand out from the competition. With light and interesting display you can turn the heads of those passing by and engage them enough to stop, look back, and walk into your store. How the light spots on the products and which direction it is coming from should be the main points in lighting a window display. We are happy to help you to create a head turning window display with our products.

Eyewear Store Lighting

In eyewear store lighting has a great role to make the customer to feel comfortable when trying the eyeglasses on. With the right color of lighting you can effect on how the color of human skin looks like in the mirror. The atmosphere in the eyewear store is also important and can be created with lighting. You can choose form variety of lighting fixtures just the right color temperature for the store. We are happy to help you to find the right lighting solution.

Furniture and Home Decor Shop Lighting

Correct and carefully made light plan is the first step towards a succesful store lighting. The light tracks should be placed into right places so you will get flexible store lighting right from the start and you will be able to modify your lighting among the changes made in the store. Comfortable lighting in Furniture stores makes the customer to stay longer and purchase more. With accent lighting you may point out the products in sale, get the right mood and feeling to your store. With lighting you can also make an impression about image and price range. We have a long history in Furniture and décor shop lighting and we are happy to help you to choose the right lighting fixtures form our product range.

Hair Dresser Salon Lighting

In hair dresser salon, along with creating nice atmosphere with lighting it is also important to have correct lighting fixtures for hair styling and coloring area. When styling and coloring the hair, it is crucial to have the right color temperature in lighting to be able to see the hair color result inside the salon as same as it is outdoors. No more expensive color-redoes – with our LED products you will get the right light for each area of your salon. Your clients will enjoy their stay, relax and come back to your salon.

Pharmacy Lighting

In Pharmacy lighting it is important to create a clean and fresh atmosphere to the Pharmacy. With our LED lights you will get the colors of the products and packages to shine brightly. We have made several Pharmacy Lightings in Finland and are happy to help you to find a perfect lighting solution to your Pharmacy.

Car Shop Lighting

Bright good quality light will increase your sales. With our LED lights the colors of the cars will shine brightly and get the attention of the customer. With lighting you can make an impression about image and price range in your store. In a car store the feeling and atmosphere are important while making a decision to buy a new car. We can help you with the right lighting plan and choose the right fixtures according the space and the products.

Hotel and Restaurant Lighting

Skilux LED Downlight fixtures are perfect for hotel lighting. With our product range you will get the right lights for hotel lobby, restaurant and coffee areas, halls and corridors. The products can be used for accent lighting or for general lighting. When choosing the products for restaurants and coffee areas it is important to be sure that the lighting fixture is dimmable. We are happy to help you to choose the right products form our product range.